Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do you know if you have Sensitive Skin?

These days it seems like every product is marketed towards those with sensitive skin. Why is that? Well, it could be a marketing ploy; making those of us who do not have sensitive skin feel a little better knowing we are getting a special product guaranteed to prevent skin problems from occurring because of its use. It's a comfort to many shoppers when they see the "hypo-allergenic, non-cosmedogenic" label on cosmetics, therefore, we buy them.

It could also be that there are millions more adults in the world with sensitive skin due to an amalgam of reasons. When shopping for cosmetics, it can be difficult to discern which products are good for our skin and which are bad. Not all cosmetics labeled as good for sensitive skin are actually true to their claims. So how can we know which products are right for our skin? We must first determine if we have sensitive skin.

Do you develop rashes, hives or red spots for no apparent reason? Do heat and cold bring out bad reactions with you skin? Does your skin feel itchy often? Do certain foods cause you to break out? When you exfoliate, does your skin react badly to it? Does you skin sunburn easily, react badly to pollution, perfumes or dyes? Do you get a burning sensation after using anti-dandruff shampoo, heavily scented skin creams or hair removal creams? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably have sensitive skin. So what do you do about it?

Some of the best ways to prevent skin problems for those of us with sensitive skin is to use alcohol free, perfume free products. Both of these agents cause severe problems in some wearers. Try not to wear a lot of makeup, because this exacerbates the problem. Use common sense as well. If heat, sun exposure, cold or certain products hurt you, simply avoid them.

When choosing makeup that's right for sensitive skin, look for organic cosmetics or mineral foundation. Organic cosmetics are great for the sensitive skin, mostly because they exclude harsh chemicals during manufacturing. Organic makeup is relatively easy to find, inexpensive to the average budget and much easier to use than traditional makeup. Afterglow Cosmetics is the leading supplier of high quality natural organic cosmetics. At you can choose between their wide selection of natural cosmetics and find the shade and colors that are perfect for you. Order online and have your new organic beauty product shipped to your home or business today!

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  1. Thank you for the soap compliment! I think that these are really good tips. I myself found out after years of having bad skin that I had sensitive skin. My mom would always say that she used dial soap on her face and she was fine. So, me thinking "hey I'm just like my mom" did everything she did with bad results. I had to come to realization that I have my own individual skin, and its sensitive!! :)